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In 2022 We eliminated 98% canned foods from our recipes as promised

After more than a decade of catering expertize, we continue to bring unsurpassed culinary quality and creativity to our personal and corporate clientèle. Located in Brampton, Ontario, we specialize in creating Caribbean menu items with respect to Trinbagonian authenticity whilst maintaining a local and sustainable ingredient philosophy. Tailoring our services to the specific needs of both private and corporate catering in Toronto and the surrounding area. Our menus reflect the wonderful full flavours of the Caribbean! Although many companies can deliver a meal, it is how we prepare, produce, and present our delicious dishes that sets us apart. We are not just any Ontario catering company, we are PELAU Catering Company.

UPDATE 1.1.22

As part of our Green Policy, as of  Jan 1st 2022 Plastic cutlery is no longer included unless requested. You can ask for plastic cutlery free of charge in the 'Special Requests' box on your meal order form

Customer Favourites

We let our food do the talking. Here's just a few of our customer's favourites.

Caribbean fried fish
Trinidadian bake

FRIED FISH, Bhaji and Rice

SALMON and Corn Bakes

curry crab stew chicken


Calalloo Macaroni Pie

caribbean cuisine

STUFFED CHICKEN BREAST Sweet Potato Salad Curried Corn


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made with all fresh ingredients, olive oil, and Honey. Only $6


Choose from Five fabulous flavours

Mango, Pineapple,Green Apple, Sorrel and Red Woman.

Trinidad hot pepper sauce

Brampton & Surrounding Cities

Ontario. Canada

Tel: 647-524-9049


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  Pelau represents Trinidad and Tobago to the core. Its a fusion of foods collectively cooked in one pot and so is Trinidad and Tobago.  A diverse group of cultures coming together to bring one amazing people... When Pelau is well made even the burnt parts at the bottom of the pot is highly sought after. Everyone will have their personal touch on making this one pot meal... but it must have the following ingredients:   pigeon peas, carrots, coconut milk, caramelize sugar, pumpkin, sweet peppers, and hot pepper. 


Pelau is a true TrinBagonian dish, place an order to get a taste of TrinBago. 


AT PELAU CATERING WE ARE COMMITTED TO REDUCING OUR WASTE, PRACTICING POLLUTION PREVENTION, CONSERVING ENERGY AND NATURAL RESOURCES WHEREVER POSSIBLE.  By adopting sustainable and environmentally friendly catering business practices we are doing our part in preserving the world for future generations. We are always looking for ways to improve and become better tenants of the earth. We want to be your Ontario caterer with exceptional food at a low cost to you and the earth.

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Protein Choices


Baked Turkey

Baked Salmon

2 Baked Chicken 


Macaroni Pie

Spanish Rice

Mini Potatoes 


Salad Options


Fruit Salad

Mixed Salad

Garden Green

Red Bean Salad



4 Liter Fresh Sorrel

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